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Microneedling, also called percutaneous collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive procedure to improve the skin structure and quality. Using tiny sterile needles, the skin is mechanically damaged in a controlled manner. The natural repair of this damage induces new production of collagen and elastic fibers, thus tightening the skin and improving its quality.

At Rivr, cosmetic microneedling is performed with the innovative Aquagold® fine touchTM device using a special “Micro Channel Technology”. Through 20 micro channels, each thinner than a human hair, we infuse a customized mix of active ingredients directly into the skin, combining the benefits of microneedling with active ingredients deep within the skin.

Collagen and elastic fibers are key components of our skin and contribute significantly to the elasticity and firmness of our skin’s appearance. Unfortunately, from the age of 30 our skin begins to age, whereby, among other things, the ability to form new collagen naturally and gradually decreases. The progressive decrease of collagen is one of the most important factors leading to the characteristic features of aging skin, namely increasing loss of elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How does Microneedling work?

With tiny sterile needles the skin is mechanically damaged in a controlled manner. The fact that any damage in the body is automatically repaired is used to our advantage, leading to the desired regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers.

Since the skin is perforated by the tiny needle pricks, this fact is exploited by combining microneedling with the simultaneous introduction of cosmetic active ingredients. These powerful substances penetrate directly and deeply into the skin through the perforations induced and can thus improve the result of microneedling as well as achieve additional specific effects.

Microneedling can be performed using various methods. We use Aquagold® fine touchTM for cosmetic microneedling. This is a novel, patented microchannel technology that introduces active ingredients directly into the skin. The 20 needles, each smaller than a hair, are coated with gold, which reduces allergic reactions and irritation. The microchannel technology allows the direct introduction of an individualized combination of active ingredients during the microneedling process. The revolutionary technology allows thousands of quasi-painless microinjections per minute without downtime.

In medical microneedling we use a dermaroller with various penetration depths.

Which active ingredients are used in combination with microneedling?

Ideally, the microneedling channels in the skin are used to introduce active ingredients into the skin in the same procedure to achieve targeted improvement of wound healing and additional effects.

The cocktail of active ingredients is individualized to your skin quality, specific problems and requirements.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Treatment with autologous serum is also known as “vampire lifting”. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is extracted from the patient’s blood and processed by centrifugation. This produces plasma rich in platelets, which can be injected into the skin layers via microneedling. Due to its high concentration in growth factors and proteins, it stimulates the formation of new connective tissue and cell renewal, which has a tightening and rejuvenating effect on the skin’s appearance.

Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid is an integral part of our skin. It has the unique property of being able to bind and retain water many times its own weight. The addition of hyaluronic acid to the individualized cocktail leads to increased hydration and firmer skin texture.

Vitamins and antioxidants
Most often, a cocktail of vitamins B, C, A and E is added as an “anti-aging complex.” The mix has an antioxidant effect, stimulates collagen production and improves skin elasticity, pigmentation and texture. The skin is also provided with essential vitamins, which are increasingly depleted with age.

Botulinum toxin
The addition of a defined amount of botulinum toxin leads to a reduction in pore size and a smoothing of the smallest skin wrinkles.

What can be treated with microneedling?

Microneedling can be used to improve:

  • lack of radiance and glow in the skin’s complexion
  • skin elasticity
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • large pores
  • hyperpigmentation
  • scars (acne scars, burn scars)
  • stretch marks

Which areas can be treated with microneedling?

During cosmetic microneedling we treat

  •  face
  • neck
  • chest
  • back of the hand

In medical microneedling, we treat wherever scars or stretch marks are located.

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What is a "Red Carpet Treatment?

The effect of microneedling is aimed at long-term and preventive results, mainly through its collagen induction. However, since the combination of microneedling and the individualized cocktail of active ingredients results in a strikingly radiant complexion and supple skin, especially in the days immediately following the treatment, this treatment is perfect as a “Red Carpet Treatment”. If you have a big event coming up, such as your own wedding or an important appearance, microneedling performed 2-3 days beforehand can help you achieve a unique glow.

Is Microneedling right for me?

Microneedling is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their skin quality and do something good for their skin. Since our skin begins to age as of 30, this procedure can also be used preventively to counteract the increasing loss of collagen. In case of advanced aging, we recommend combining the procedure with the Laser Genesis treatment as part of our “Rivr Signature Facial”.

What happens during the consultation?

In the consultation we will analyze your skin and, based on your problems and needs, we will define the individualized combination of active ingredients.

In addition, we will discuss your medical history to make sure that there are no contraindications for the treatment.

How is the treatment performed?

Microneedling with Aquagold® fine touchTM is not painful. However, if you wish, we can apply an anesthetic cream 20 minutes beforehand. Often this is only desired for the lips. Afterwards, blood is drawn, which is then processed.
Microneedling is performed in the consultation room and takes roughly 15-20 minutes. At the end you let the cocktail of active ingredients dry on the skin for a few minutes and relax by laying back and listening to some calming music.

For best results and sufficient stimulation of the tissue, we recommend repeating microneedling at least 3 times at 4-week intervals.

How about aftercare?

For a maximum effect we recommend leaving the dried-up mix of active ingredients on your face for another 6 hours. Think of it like a dried-up face mask. It is not very noticeable, but it is still visible to your counterpart. That is why it is probably best to go home afterwards. After 6 hours, wash your face with a hydrating cleanser and finally apply a rich and nourishing night cream.

The next day, you will at most have a mild redness and can go right back to your daily routine.

What are the risks and side effects?

Risks of microneedling are usually minimal, very rarely adverse effects may occur.
A slight redness of the treated area may persist for 1-2 days, depending on the strength of the treatment performed.

Do you want to know more?

If you are interested in a treatment with microneedling, we will be happy to assist you as an objective consultant.

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