Allemann & Ducommun

Medical Campus for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery, Dermatology and Laser Medicine
“What counts is not the years in your life but the life in your years.”
We are a team of plastic surgeons and specialists with one mission: your quality of life. Over the last four generations, our life expectancy has doubled. But how do we not only live longer, but also better and more beautifully? At Rivr, we work with this holistic view in mind.
Allemann & Ducommun

A team of experts

We are the surgeons behind Rivr. Together we bring many years of medical experience in leading hospitals to the table and specializations in seven medical fields. As the owners of Rivr, we stand for a holistic treatment approach at the interface of health, attractiveness and quality of life. For women and men.


Modern Campus

Rivr is located in the heart of Zurich West, the new centre of Zurich, a few minutes by tram or car from Zurich Central Station. The top floor of the Mid-Century skyscraper overlooks the city, lake and mountains. Everything in one place with state-of-the-art operating rooms and recovery suites.

Online Appointments

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A Premiere in Switzerland

Rivr is the first clinic worldwide and the first location in Switzerland to cooperate with the skin care brand "Augustinus Bader". The international hype surrounding Augustinus Bader skincare impressiveis high. All Augustinus Bader products are now available exclusively at Rivr.

New Surgical Techniques

Breast augmentations are among the most frequently performed procedures in plastic surgery. New surgical methods enable greater safety for the patient and more natural results.


Form and Femininity

The breast is considered as the symbol of femininity. In addition to its biological and maternal functions, it decisively defines the female body image and its aesthetics. Its shape can be an important part towards a good body feeling.


The male breast

The male breast is a symbol of virility. However, it often loses dominance and shape over time. Here, an intervention can revise the signs of the times and create a male presence again.


TempSure Envi

Tempsure Envi is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment that helps to tighten the skin and contours, and minimize wrinkles. On the body, the appearance of cellulite can be improved. The radiofrequency waves conduct heat in a controlled manner deep into the skin, which leads to increased firmness through collagen production.


TempSure Vitalia

TempSure Vitalia is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that uses gentle radio frequency technology to increase local blood flow and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The vaginal tissue can be tightened, nerve sensitivity improved and incontinence reduced.


truSculpt iD

The truSculpt iD is the latest radio frequency device that can contour the body in a non-surgical way. This innovation in the "Body Contouring" market destroys fat cells with monopolar radiofrequency and simultaneously tightens the tissue. Stubborn fat pads can thus be significantly improved.

5 Fragen bei der Planung einer Brustvergrösserung

Es geht nicht nur um die Größe des Implantates bei der Brustvergrösserung. 5 entscheidende Fragen sind zu beantworten.

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