A beautifully shaped body

The human body presents itself in all sizes and shapes. It carries us through life and changes with us. "Mens sana in corpore sano." A healthy and efficient body can carry us through a fulfilled and active life.

Our body carries us through life and changes with us. And it is not always possible to maintain or improve shape satisfactorily through sport and disciplined nutrition alone. Examples are stubborn fat pockets or larger changes of the body after a strong weight loss. Dr. Inja Allemann can show you the appropriate procedure for your individual situation, from non-surgical fat reduction to liposuction or tightening operations. We accompany and advise you in an interdisciplinary manner before and after the operation, because long-term results require a holistic approach.
frauenkoerper vornuebergebeugt mit bein, bauch und bruesten in schwarzweiss


Many of us struggle with stubborn fat deposits that cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. Usually in the area of the abdomen, hips, arms and legs, these can be removed with a liposuction through tiny incisions and special cannulas, helping you achieve a harmonious body silhouette.

Non-surgical fat reduction

Many people strive for a well-formed body that allows us to use physical and mental energy to perform our daily tasks. In many cases, however, the fat deposits are too small to be surgically removed. In these cases a non-surgical fat reduction in the sense of "body contouring" is in the foreground.


Abdominoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. Excess skin and tissue, e.g. after heavy weight loss or pregnancy, can be removed with this procedure. The abdomen is additionally tightened and you regain your harmonized body silhouette.

po und angewickelte beine von liegender weisser frau

Buttock Lifting

As with the abdomen, excess skin and tissue in the buttock area can be a problem, especially after severe weight loss. By surgically removing the excess tissue, the buttocks can be lifted and tightened.

weisse frau angeschnitten mit arme um oberkoerper geschlungen und mit lippen und kinn

Upper arm tightening

Strong weight loss, but also the natural aging process can lead to loose skin and excess tissue in the area of the upper arms. Often in combination with liposuction, the tissue can be removed, the skin tightened and the well-formed arms restored.

weisse frau unbekleidet kauernd mit beinen und brust angeschnitten

Thigh tightening

As in the case of the upper arms, a large amount of weight loss and the aging process in the thigh area result in too loose skin and excess tissue. The tissue can be surgically removed, the skin tightened and the well-formed body contour restored.

Female genital Surgery

Female genital surgery has become increasingly important in recent years. Like the rest of the body, the intimate region varies from woman to woman. In some cases, individual variation is associated with functional problems. Even small operations can usually eliminate these and improve the entire body feeling.


The truSculpt 3D is a radio frequency device that can contour the body in a non-surgical way. This innovation in "body contouring" destroys the fat cells with monopolar radiofrequency and simultaneously tightens the tissue. Stubborn fat pads can thus be significantly improved.

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