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Non-surgical fat reduction

Many people strive for a well-formed body that allows us to use physical and mental energy to perform our daily tasks. The ancient Romans already knew this, as we know from the Latin saying “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Our body stores the body fat of women and men in different places. Our disposition also determines where the unwanted fat deposits accumulate. Often the frustrating situation exists that despite a healthy and conscious diet and intensive physical activity, certain fat deposits are not influenced. In many cases the fat deposits are too small to be removed surgically by liposuction. In these cases a non-surgical fat reduction is in the foreground. The “body contouring” or “body forming” market for improving the body silhouette has shown enormous international growth in recent years, reflecting the desire of our society for non-invasive methods of fat reduction.


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How can fat be removed in a non-surgical way?

In the field of body shaping, there are different procedures that allow us to reduce the subcutaneous fat tissue. These include cold, ultrasound, shock waves or injection lipolysis.

How does the truSculpt 3D from Cutera work?

We work in the field of high frequency technology with the truSculpt 3D device from the Silicon-Valley company Cutera, which is a radio frequency device that allows us to contour the body non-invasively. The fat cells in the subcutaneous fat tissue are destroyed by monopolar radiofrequency, at the same time the tissue can be tightened. This additional tissue tightening is a decisive difference to other bodyforming devices that do not provide this tightening effect. After removing a certain volume of fat, however, it is crucial that the tissue above can be tightened and the silhouette optimally shaped.


Which body regions can be treated with the truSculpt iD?

The powerful platform can be adapted to the individual needs of the patient. It offers unique versatility in handpiece selection and placement locations, as well as individual 15-minute protocols for simultaneous treatment of the entire abdominal area or multiple body regions.

Body regions that can be treated are:

  • Double chin
  • Belly
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Thigh
  • Riding breeches
  • Knee
  • Upper arms
  • Back

Am I a good candidate for a treatment with the TruSculpt 3D?

The truSculpt 3D is not a method to eliminate general overweight. TruSculpt is used in patients with a body mass index of ideally less than 30 kg/m² who have localized, stubborn fat deposits that do not diminish with exercise and conscious nutrition.

What can I expect after therapy with the truSculpt 3D?

The average reduction in fat tissue thickness is 24%. Immediately after treatment with the truSculpt, the destroyed fat cells are broken down by the body. Slowly the circumference of the treated zone is reduced. Noticeable results can be seen after 2-3 months. Many patients are already satisfied after one treatment. Nevertheless, in certain cases a second session may be desired.

What happens during consultation hours?

In a first detailed consultation we will assess your body and the fat distribution. Based on these prerequisites, we will inform you in detail about the different possibilities to reduce the fat tissue and together we will find the right method for you. In addition, we will show you accompanying therapy options, record your weight profile and create a photo documentation.

It is our concern to accompany you in this topic and to provide interdisciplinary advice and care even before the operation, because long-term results and motivated patients require a holistic approach.

As a second step before the treatment we will ask your medical history to make sure that there are no contraindications for the treatment with the truSculpt 3D.

What is the treatment like?

The actual treatment is carried out in our treatment room specially designed for the truSculpt 3D and lasts between 30 minutes and one hour, depending on which and how many zones are treated. The treatment is not painful, because of the warming of the tissue it feels like a hot stone massage.

Before each treatment we take a digital photograph to objectify and document the progress.

After the treatment, no further measures are necessary and you can immerse yourself in everyday life again.

What about the follow-up treatment?

After the treatment there is nothing special to consider. You can immediately resume your normal activities.

What are the risks?

Risks of fat reduction with the truSculpt 3D are usually minimal. Very rarely, undesired effects can occur, which usually heal spontaneously. During the treatment you will feel a slight warming, rarely also slight pain. Redness and swelling are common and heal spontaneously.

Rarely develop:

  • Bruising (haematoma)
  • Palpable hardenings
  • blistering, crusting
  • infection
  • numbness

Would you like to learn more?

If you are interested in a treatment with the truSculpt 3D, we will be happy to assist you as an objective consultant.

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