Holistic competence on one campus

Rivr brings holistic medicine to one campus. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, hand surgery and dermatology are complemented with applications from aesthetic dermatology and laser medicine.

The Rivr Campus is a retreat for private physician consultations, minimally invasive treatments and surgical procedures. From one source and under one roof. Visit us at any time without obligation.

aufenthaltsraum in design interior mit zwei sofa in rosa und pinkem teppich mit ausblick auf stadt
arzt warteraum design mit sofa und stuehlen rivr campus

Retreat in the Rivr Lobby

Rivr welcomes you with a lobby that is a retreat with a view. The in-house research library provides 300 books and objects on body, food, science, art and culture. We have curated skincare products for any skintype. The Rivr Campus is open to patients and visitors.

hautpflegeprodukte in hellblauer verpackung ausgestellt in vitrine mit Blumen
Rivr Campus Empfang mit Tresen aus Marmor und Pflanzen

Uncomplicated Reception

Before your first visit, you can email us your data and receive a coffee to enjoy instead of a form to fill out at the Rivr reception.

Private Consultation

Our consult and treatment rooms offer a bird's eye view of Zurich while providing full privacy through spy glass. On request, you will be directed immediately into your private consult room.

Discussion with Visualisation

During the doctor's consultation we will advise you in detail using visual aids and imaging. You will make a well informed and independent decision. Sometimes immediately, but often also after a period of reflection.

Operationssaal von rivr mit Liege und gruenem Boden vor Stadtsicht

Cutting-edge Operating Rooms

In the ultra-modern surgical wing, patients are prepped for the operation by the anesthesiologist, operated by the surgeons and monitored by the care team.

Aufwachraum in heller Optik mit rundem Tisch und Designerstuehle vor Regal mit Buecher

Comfortable Recovery Rooms

In Rivr's recovery rooms, you can recover from the surgery in total privacy and have all your personal belongings at hand. You are constantly monitored by our Vital Monitor. Highly purified fresh air flows through the rooms.

Behandlungsstuehl in Praxisraum und Lasergeraet mit Stuhl und Fenster

High-end Laser Center

Rivr operates the only "Centre of Excellence" in the German-speaking part of Switzerland with the latest laser technologies from Cutera in the Silicon Valley. Rivr's treatment rooms provide up-to-date laser treatments and other minimally invasive procedures.

Treatments with Injectables

Treatments with injectables such as Botox or Fillers are provided with the combined competence of aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery. Minimally invasive and highly precise.

Buerotisch mit Stuhl in schwarzer Farbe am Fenster mit Ausblick in die Stadt

In the centre of Zurich West

Zurich West is the quarter for transformation. This is where Zurich is reinvented. The most modern medical campus on 600 square meters rethinks the medical practice, digitally and open. Rivr seamlessly fits into this innovative district.

Bild mit Waldsujet an Holzwand mit Bank

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