The hand is the visible part of the brain.

The upright gait and the hands freed by it as the main instrument of human creation are the main motor of human development. Man is superior to all animals in his fine motor skills of the hands. The hand gives us creativity and freedom, central aspects of quality of life.

Rivr's elective hand surgery is aimed at maintaining the hand's full functionality until old age. It is intended to correct the limitations caused by accidents and illness and to prevent "dementia" of the hand. Thanks to the additional training in both orthopaedics and plastic surgery, Dr. Pascal Ducommun offers procedures from the entire spectrum of hand surgery. The special focus is on peripheral nerve surgery, bone and soft tissue reconstructions, with the aim of maintaining the full functionality of the hand and lower extremity into old age.


In old age, there are signs of wear and tear in the joints, which can manifest themselves as arthrosis. Initially, the symptoms can be alleviated by conservative measures, but in some cases surgical interventions may be necessary later to ensure freedom from pain while maintaining mobility.

He lifts her breasts, which fit perfectly into his hands, though he knows this is no promise that he gets to keep them. A million things you can't have will fit in a human hand.
Barbara Kingsolver


What sounds complex is a hand disease that has been known for 200 years. The connective tissue layer between the skin and the tendons bends. 10 years ago, Dupuytren was only surgically removed. Today, half of all cases can be treated with a specially injected medication.

gesicht und haende von weisser nackter frau in tanzbewegung


The tendons are the signal transmitters of the muscles. Multiple diseases can exist, from tendon tears to overloading with snapping fingers. The procedures can range from simple relief with finger snapping to complex multi-stage reconstruction.


As mobile anatomical elements of the joints, ligaments are essentially involved in the musculoskeletal system. Despite good mobility, they must guarantee stability in certain joint positions. With these complex requirements, corresponding overloads and ruptures are not uncommon.


Our hand usually has 27 bones. With this number and the fineness it can easily come to injuries in accidents. Surgery is not always necessary, but there are clear indications. Delayed or absence of bone healing often occurs, which leads to complex treatment.

… we find only one tool, neither created nor invented, but perfect: the hand of man.
Julio Ramón Ribeyro, Marginal Voices: Selected Stories

Nerve Compression Syndromes

Our nerves are the communication organs between brain, muscle and skin. These can be compressed at certain anatomical points - an anatomical condition that can be relieved with relatively simple interventions. The best known example is carpal tunnel syndrome.


In principle, neoplasms can grow in any anatomical area, including the hand. In most cases these are benign changes which do not always have to be surgically removed. It is important to clarify the situation before a diagnosis can be made.

Conservative hand surgery

Surgical interventions are not always necessary. In all our treatments, we make full use of non-surgical, conservative measures. An operation, no matter how small it is or how short it takes, should always be well considered. We have worked with hand therapists to develop conservative therapy regimes for a range of diseases and injuries.

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