Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery is not just about aesthetics. A large part of plastic surgery deals with reconstructive procedures. Reconstructive surgery plays an important role and focuses on the restoration of the shape oft he body and its function in congenital or acquired defects. Here, congenital malformations, e.g. of the breast and hand, play just as important a role as reconstructions after accidents or tumour removal. 

As qualified specialists in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, all three doctors have sound knowledge and many years of experience in all areas of this field. Dr. Ducommun focuses on the reconstruction of the soft tissues of the lower extremity, which is often the case after accidents. One focus of our team is the reconstruction after tumor diseases, especially skin tumors and breast cancer. Dr. Allemann has many years of experience in this field, is part of a multicenter networked and regularly discuss patients in so-called interdisciplinary "tumour boards".

Scar Revision

Practically every human being hurts himself in the course of his life. Frequently a scar remains. Most scars do not bother us any further. However, certain scars can be cosmetically disturbing and painful. Here, a scar revision can lead to an improvement.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

The reconstruction of the breast after surgery for breast cancer aims to restore the aesthetic appearance of the breast and thus to return important part of her female identity. All patients are cared for in a multidisciplinarily team within a official tumor board.

Tumors or Trauma

Reconstructions and restoration of the shape oft he body and its function in congenital or acquired defects such as accidents or tumor diseases are among the classic procedures in reconstructive surgery and are offered by the three surgeons at Rivr.

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