Body 21.09.2021

“Corona has sparked a boom in cosmetic surgery”


One heard time and again that minimally invasive procedures such as Botox and injections, but also classic cosmetic surgery, had increased during the Corona era. Can you confirm this?

In plastic surgery, we were able to observe this trend even before Corona. While classical plastic surgery procedures have continued to increase steadily, minimally invasive procedures have grown disproportionately. Corona has currently accelerated this growth even further. And the number of minimally invasive procedures has already grown tenfold in recent years. Corona has triggered a boom in cosmetic surgery.

And why this beautification boom right now? We sit in the home office all the time and don't have a chance to show off our freshly operated breasts or washboard abs.

But many people now have time for an operation. This because the social obligations are gone and they also do not have to take a vacation. After breast surgery or liposuction, they can return to Zoom sessions after just a few days without anyone noticing. And discretion is important to many.

Inja Allemann specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and body. She is the only FMH double specialist in Switzerland for plastic surgery and dermatology as well as an expert in laser medicine. For the blog "From head to toe", author Silvia Aeschbach has already talked to her several times about skin topics.

However, this does not work with a classic facelift.

Yes, they are right (laughs). But minimally invasive procedures with Botox and hyaluron are possible without anyone making any assumptions. On the contrary, there’s a good chance that you’ll make a fresher impression without frown lines or dark circles under your eyes.

And apparently the financial means are there to treat yourself to this refresher.

Many people saved money last year. They stopped traveling, shopped less, didn’t go to the gym, and had to forgo restaurant visits. People are tired and disoriented. And now they are investing in their appearance and can do something good for themselves in this way. Contrary to the general perception, plastic surgery is rarely primarily about beauty, but about quality of life. At times when you don’t feel good anyway, an operation can certainly improve your quality of life.

“In these times, many people feel they have lost control of their lives.”

Doing something good sounds like a beneficial wellness program. However, cosmetic surgery is not really a small thing.

You are absolutely right. And I also explain this to my customers. Every operation has its risks. For me, complete transparency applies here.

Is it actually the case that wearing a mask puts more focus on the eyes, and therefore any wrinkles?

That would be obvious, but it doesn’t carry as much weight. However, what I hear much more often at the moment is that one’s own tiredness, frown lines, or sunken cheeks are much more noticeable because we are confronted with our appearance every day due to the zoom boom. All it takes is one tired day and a bad light and your self-esteem is shot.

And a cosmetic surgery then strengthens the self-confidence again?

In my opinion, it goes far beyond that. In these times, many people feel that they have lost control of their lives. This can cause massive insecurities. I can help people feel better about their bodies again, thus increasing their quality of life. This does not require a facelift. A laser treatment or microneedling can make you feel fresher and more relaxed.

“Even in Switzerland, especially among the younger generation, beauty ideals are starting to mix.”

So any wrinkles do not need to be smoothed out?

No. A good glow does not depend on how many wrinkles you have. For me, beautiful and healthy skin with a fresh glow is central. And we can achieve this glow with prophylaxis, i.e. year-round sun protection, care and a healthy lifestyle.

Which treatments have been in particularly high demand lately?

Both for men and women: Botox, eyelid lifts, liposuction. For women, breast surgery is still very much in demand. Here, the trend is toward smaller breasts. And men want to get rid of their unloved love handles.

Hand on heart: Have you also had treatment in the last few months?



I’m thinking about it.

I just want to see the result.

What do you think of the so-called Instagram beauty? The broad brows, narrow noses, and plump lips of many female influencers?

I am rarely asked for such a look. I’m the natural type myself. It’s mainly young and very young customers who emulate these role models. And they are more likely to go to a dermatologist or a beautician.

Does the motto “Preferably just a little, so that no one notices that I've done something” still apply to Swiss customers?

Yes, yes (laughs). The motto “just don’t attract attention” is still current. However, this is in line with my philosophy that it is about continuous maintenance therapy in small steps and not about large, drastic changes. Today, as a plastic surgeon, I no longer just reach for the scalpel, but use lasers, Botox, fillers and other techniques in combination. This allows me to maintain naturalness. One development that I find exciting is that beauty ideals are also beginning to mix in Switzerland, especially among the younger generation. Other cultures have different ideas in this regard. And so in the future there will not be just one ideal of beauty, but several.

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