The skin we live in
Like no other organ, the skin shapes a person's appearance. It is not only the largest, but also the most versatile sensory organ of the human body. The skin is our outermost barrier to the environment and defines the boundary between the human organism and the outside world. It has a multitude of functions, many of which get impaired with age.
An even complexion with a radiant glow reflects health and youth. In no other organ is the aging process as obvious as on the skin. Dr. Inja Allemann is the only doctor in Switzerland be double board-certified in dermatology and plastic surgery. Dermatology and plastic surgery form an ideal unit and complement each other perfectly as a continuum in aesthetic as well as reconstructive aspects. This guarantees a fundamental understanding of the skin, its physiological and pathological changes throughout life and how these can be prevented, reduced or treated. Be the approach preventive, minimally invasive or surgical.


Do you want to get the best out of your skincare? Finding the right and individually suitable skin care can be a challenge. Not every product delivers what it promises or is suitable for every skin type. In order to achieve optimal results, your skin care should be individually tailored to your skin type and needs and follow a few clear principles.

I love you more than my own skin.
Frida Kahlo
Ästethische Brustvergrösserung in Zürich

Skin cancer prevention

In an international comparison Switzerland has one of the highest rates of new skin cancer cases each year. Prevention plays a crucial role here as it can prevent the actual occurrence of skin cancer. The early detection of skin cancer or its precursors through regular skin examinations can significantly simplify the therapeutic approach.


Birthmark control

Moles can be functionally and aesthetically disturbing, which is why some people wish for their removal. More important, however, is that every third melanoma develops from an already existing birthmark. Therefore, special attention has to be paid to birthmarks.


Skin tumours

Due to her double board certification in dermatology and plastic surgery, the removal of skin tumours is one of Dr. Inja Allemann's specialties. In particular, malignant skin cancers can be safely removed without delay by means of micrographically controlled surgery and the defect can be reconstructed by a plastic surgical approach.


Treatment of acne

For patients suffering from acne, it may be sufficient to switch your skin care to the appropriate products. For more severe forms of acne, we will prescribe a prescription skin care regime and, if necessary, supplement it with systemic therapy. Laser therapy is another supportive measure.


Treatment of rosacea

Rosacea can often be improved by adjusting skin care. For more severe forms, we will prescribe a prescription skin care regime and, if necessary, supplement it with systemic therapy. In addition, we treat Rosacea with our vascular laser Excel V with the latest technology.

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