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Personalised Nutrition Counseling

Your consultation — what does it involve?

The initial consultation will typically last up to one hour. You will be asked to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire prior to your appointment. Intake forms will be reviewed before your appointment to make the most of the consultation time.
At the initial consultation we will go through the nutrition questionnaire in detail, discussing your health concerns and goals, health history, diet, and lifestyle. With this information we will decide together on the necessary tests required to build a detailed picture of your health status and investigate any health related concerns.

Functional Laboratory Tests — which tests are essential?

To develop a unique first-class overview of your health status we tailor functional laboratory tests for the individual. Looking at key bio markers of health and nutrition is key to assessing nutritional status and identifying deficiencies and imbalances. During the initial consultation we will design a comprehensive personalised blood nutrient biomarker panel. A food intolerance test will also be carried out during the initial consultation. This testing can advise you in relation to any food sensitivities and allergies thereby helping reduce the risk of chronic health problems. To carry out these tests we ask that our clients come to the initial consultation fasted.

An extra step to truly understand your body is to analyse your very own DNA. Genetic testing is an important health-care tool and by revealing previously unknown information it can lead to a greater understanding of your health status. We offer a comprehensive and robust personal DNA analysis service to provide the ultimate bespoke dietary and fitness advice. Your DNA sample will be taken during the first consultation. Therefore do not eat or drink one hour prior to sample collection.

Your follow up consultation

Your second consultation will involve explaining all functional test result data. Based on all collated information, you will then receive a comprehensive written report with bespoke dietary and lifestyle recommendations including exactly what you need to do next on your journey to good health. Nutritional supplements may also be recommended for specific nutrient imbalances or deficiencies.

How many consultations will you need?

The need for follow-up sessions depends upon your individual circumstances. Additional consultations may be requested in order to assess your progress and address any remaining or new health concerns.

Privacy and data security

Our DNA testing service adheres to the highest possible data protection standards. No personal information is stored, your genetic sample is destroyed as soon as your results have been processed. The DNA testing service we use is registered with the Information Commissioners Office for data protection and is ISO 27001 certified, which is the highest international standard for data security and management.

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