Skin, Skincare 20.09.2021

Signs of the times

Author: Dr. Inja Allemann

Doesn’t it feel a bit like retreating when summer ends, the days get shorter, darker and colder?

Now is the time to focus on your skin again. To take care of the small signs – of time – that summer has left on our skin and prepare it for colder days and drier climate.

As the temperature changes, adjust your skin care regimen accordingly to prevent your skin from becoming dry, flaky and sensitive. If we tend to use fewer and lighter products in the summer, it’s time to add extra moisture and nutrients to your skincare routine.

If you have dry skin, use a cream or lotion cleanser instead of foam or soap cleansers. Perform your evening skincare routine with a rich cream and use a cream in the morning instead of a lotion. If you have oily skin, you can replace your evening serum with a lotion or light cream. In addition, don’t forget your evening vitamin A supplement.  To improve a few sun sins, regular chemical peels are also worthwhile.

Just because the summer is over, you should not make the mistake of not using regular sunscreen now. Harmful UV rays can penetrate even the gray cloud cover and cause damage to our skin. So try to use an SPF 30 even on gray and rainy days. Daily is best.

If you want to boost your skin’s moisture levels for the long term during the dry and cold winter months, this is the time for a new type of hyaluronic acid injection treatment. Unlike traditional fillers, by injecting many tiny amounts of hyaluronic acid directly under the skin, we can attract moisture and refresh the appearance of your skin for up to 9 months. On the face, décolleté and hands.

Skin can usually use a little more intensive help after the summer to get back into shape and prepare for the winter months ahead.

Showing signs of pigmentation after those endless sunny summer days? Then focus on as many different depigmenting ingredients in your skin care products as possible. It’s best to do this in the morning and evening.  Now is also the best time to start depigmenting laser treatments to have a flawless complexion for the holidays.

The fall and winter months are also the ideal time to focus on skin rejuvenation. Whether with repetitive laser treatments or microneedling combined with autologous serum (PRP) and an individualized vitamin cocktail, all of these minimally invasive procedures help boost collagen production, smooth fine lines and strengthen a damaged skin barrier. Now is the time to focus on your skin’s health.

Fall is also harvest time, so eat seasonally and support your skin’s vitality from within. Also, use supplements that promote skin health, such as vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc.

For a detailed assessment of your skin and skin needs, visit me on our campus.

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