Face, Nose 20.09.2021

Is there an ideal nose shape?

Author: Dr. Dorrit Winterholer

The nose has always been an interesting object of research for people.

Already in ancient times, the Greek scientist Aristotle studied the size and shape of noses and tried to establish a connection between the shape of the nose and personality. The painter Albrecht Dürer studied the proportions of nose shapes in order to find the ideal. Further, the Israeli scientist Abraham Tamir photographed and classified over 1300 noses.

These results make us rather smile today, because the shape of the nose certainly does not say anything about the personality. As many people there are, as many different nose shapes there are. But which one is considered ideal?

According to studies, the ideal nose has a slight nudge shape and should harmonize with eyes, cheeks, face shape and mouth. Since these parts of the face are different for each person, there is no exact nose measurement. The proportions must be right. If the nose deviates too much from the norm, it does not fit harmoniously into the face and is perceived as unattractive. This can be psychologically stressful and lead to shame and self-doubt. Since a variety of nose corrections are possible today, fortunately no one has to put up with an unattractive nose anymore.

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