Body 20.09.2021

Genital beauty

Author: Dr. Dorrit Winterholer

Genital beauty and intactness as well as gender identity are increasingly becoming the focus of social body awareness. Today, we are experiencing an increasing de-tabooization of the intimate area, whereas in the past ignorance and secrecy about the primary sexual organs of women and men prevailed.

Thus, women are becoming increasingly aware of the appearance of their external genitalia and are developing an ideal image of genital beauty.

This is also reflected in the growing use of aesthetic intimate surgery. Most frequently, our patients express the wish for a reduction of the labia minora, which are perceived as too large. This is often associated with enormous uncertainty about what is considered normal with regard to the size ratios, deformities and asymmetries of the labia.

These may be congenital, caused by birth injuries or menopausal changes, and may be associated with disturbances in sexual excitability, sensation, mucosal dryness and pain.

Such intimate complaints and concerns must always be evaluated in light of the cultural and psychosocial background of our patients.

Thanks to new therapies, intimate surgery offers non-surgical solutions with with own serum and fat and individual surgical techniques for each woman.

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